Yoga and mindfulness have been established to benefit the work space:

Lucky Rabbit Yoga offers completely adaptive yoga sessions for your workforce, offering lunchtime yoga, and 60-90 minute sessions at any time during, before, or after the work day.  These sessions can be low impact enough that folks will not need to change or lug a yoga mat to the office or can include full guided group yoga class.  We will work to address some common tension that can build up throughout the workday.  I will guide simple, approachable exercises that employees can integrate into their day to help alleviate the impact of sitting and craning forward to use the computer.  We will end each session with  mindfulness practice, introducing breath awareness and other techniques to help alleviate mental stress.

Get in touch to schedule a complimentary 45-minute ‘Lunch & Learn’ informational session to learn how a biweekly routine can enhance your work space.